IJR Consulting Corp: Healthcare Financial Services

Unparalleled expertise in healthcare finances

IJR brings detailed knowledge of best practices which help healthcare organizations succeed. From rigorous internal controls to innovative revenue maximization strategies, we can show you how to implement what works.

We're not just accountants. Our people know healthcare operations inside out. So in addition to billing systems and balance sheets, we look at everything from front desk operations to provider scheduling and EMR configuration.



Today's focus on fiscal transparency demands a level of financial sophistication that few CHCs can retain internally. The IJR team steps in by assessing accounting, finance and billing issues, and then implementing new systems based on industry best practices tailored to the specific needs of the CHC.

The result: management enjoys a new level of confidence in key financial reports and deliverables -- for both internal consumption and regulatory reporting.

Take Your Staff to the Next Level

Our training program enables CHCs to train a new or existing fiscal leader, mentoring staff as they develop into high-performing members of an executive team.

Train your fiscal director

An existing fiscal director brings experience with a health center's operations, but may lack certain competencies needed to succeed as a CFO. We provide focused mentoring services to bridge this gap and support your promising fiscal director as she or he takes on new responsibilities. Click here for training topics.

Assist your new CFO

A newly-recruited CFO brings executive expertise and knowledge of fiscal best practices, but often lacks familiarity with the intricacies of CHC operations and billing. We assist new CFOs in climbing this learning curve quickly and efficiently, providing an array of training topics as an advisory service.

Policy and Procedure Manuals

Many CHCs lack a formal set of Policies and Procedures or do not have them updated regularly. This can lead to lack of compliance as well as significant operational risk during inevitable times of staff turnover. IJR specializes in writing and updating of the following manuals:

  • Financial and Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • Front Desk and Billing Operations Policies and Procedures


Other Services

Regulatory Reporting

  • Medicaid/Medicare cost reports
  • Financial status report (FSR)
  • Uniform Data System (UDS)
  • Office of Performance Review (OPR)
  • Federal grant application budgets
  • Mid-year projections of cost reports, FSR, UDS, and OPR